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Our Mission:

To lead the people of Millersville into an exciting and growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. To gather together in worship where we have an encounter with the living Lord. Through sound exposition of the Scriptures by Preaching and Teaching the Saints, we are educated and will grow in faith. To seek the edification and encouragement of believers in a spiritual atmosphere that is warm and caring. To evangelize the lost by house to house visitation as well as Lifestyle Evangelism at home, neighborhood or the workplace.


Our Worship Services ~
"Lift the Heart & Bring Refreshment
& Encouragement:

The worship services are alive with the Presence of Jesus. There is a Spirit of Freedom and Liberty as we gather. Although we provide bulletins for structure, we are never bound by them. The Spirit of the loving Christ is given priority and freedom to work in the hearts and lives of people and to dictate to our hearts His will for every individual service. We never know what the Lord is going to do next, but it's always what people need for their lives and present situations. There is a Spirit-filled choir singing, as well as special singing by various groups and individuals that lift the heart and bring refreshment and encouragement. The Gospel is proclaimed and Pastor Bill brings relevant messages for everyday living. The thrust of every service is to point people to Christ and the Cross, challenging all to commit their lives totally to Him.

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